You must verify with the @ITC_Admin_Bot to be invited into the ITC premium channels. Please see the following steps on how to do that.

Verification Steps:
1.  Install Telegram on your device. Open up a message on Telegram with the @ITC_Admin_Bot:
2. Message the bot /start
3. You should see the bot prompt you for your email
4. Respond with your email exactly as is, with no typos or any additional text
5. The bot will respond with letting you know an OTP has been sent to your email
6. Check your email and enter in the 6-digit code received via your email
7. Respond to the bot with the 6-digit code
8. The bot will respond with two links, one for the Telegram alerts channel and one for the private chat (don’t forget to click ‘Join’ after clicking this link to subscribe to the channels).
9. If you run into any issues during the process you can message the bot /start to restart the verification process.
10. Finally, enter the /help command into the bot’s chat to see other options and features