The premium list subscription includes the following:

1) Private Telegram Alerts Channel: Receive alerts for risk metrics, charts, video uploads, and voice updates.

2) Customized Trading View Indicators: View the logarithmic regression bands and risk metrics for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, and other currencies on tradingview in real time. Other indicators provided.

3) Google Sheets Risk Dashboard: By far the most valuable information on this subscription this includes USD, BTC, and ETH trading pairs for BTC, ETH, LINK, and ADA as the main focus with other valuable information for a wide variety of other coins. Cryptocurrency total market cap, precious metals, and S&P500 risk metrics are also included.

The risk metrics range from 0.0-1.0. As the risk goes higher there is less of a likelihood that it will stay in that price range, vice versa in the case that the risk of buying is lower. This is based off of the fair value regression band and the historical price of the particular cryptocurrency.

4) Google Sheets Strategy Dashboard: Calculate your portfolio in percentage terms and evaluate what your average risk level is in real time. Different strategies are including to decide your risk tolerance and how to dynamic dollar cost average in and out of the market.

5) Weekly Premium Video: See extra content from Ben! Discussions include charts, risk levels, premium content updates, and other items not covered on the public youtube channel.

6) Weekly Premium Report: See Ben’s write-ups where-in he talks about his thoughts insight and topical discussions on premium content with level headed discussions on data. Lots of interesting up-to date risk metric charts are presented and summaries of premium list content are provided.

7) Private Telegram Chatroom: Join the premium list community. Filled with insight and focus to maintain a quality messageboard with friendly individuals who exchange information with one another.

8) Premium List Live Streams: Chat with Ben and ask about his thoughts on premium content or items  otherwise not talked about on the regular livestreams.

9) App: View risk metrics on the comfort of your phone with a sleek design.

10) Discount on Merch: Receive discounts on Ben’s merch. More to come soon!